Bajans Don’t Like Cold Weather

One of the reasons why I call Barbados paradise is because it is summer all year around! The fact is Barbados has 2 seasons, a wet or rainy season and a dry season (which is never actually dry). The wet season coincides with the hurricane season from June to October as the saying goes,

Does this look like winter?

“June to soon, October all over”. However, some Bajans seem to think there are 3 seasons because they include winter. Yes, you read that right, winter!

NaNa and Beryl both senior citizens, think it’s winter because it gets cool at night and  they need either a sheet or a blanket to wrap up in if they leave the windows open. Actually the coldest it ever gets at night is about 75ºF.

Sandra and I  were talking about weather with a Bajan woman at the beach who thinks it’s winter. She mentioned that a friend called her and told here that it was bitter cold in New York. Then she said, “It gets cold here too ya know, especially in December!” She went on to say that she wears a vest, socks and light gloves to bed at night then covers up with a sheet and a comforter.

Cave Shepherd (an upscale department store similar to Macy’s) thinks it’s winter beause they can sell winter garments to Bajans. Last month Sandra and I saw winter coats among the clothing racks with the normal summer gear like shorts, bathing suits and tee shirts. Yes you read that right, winter coats for sale in Barbados! We assumed the coats were for Bajans traveling abroad, until we saw Andy.

Does this look like winter?

Andy the taxi driver thinks it’s winter because it’s “cold” outside. Last Friday as he approached us to say good evening, I saw that he was smoking a cigarette and wearing a jacket. When he reached the table which was outside, I saw that it was a down jacket. You read that one right also, a down jacket! He said he was cold as he blew a white cloud of smoke through his nose then ran towards a possible fare. I saw him again the next evening without the jacket. When I inquired, he said that jacket was in the car and he would put it on later when it gets cold! The low temperature that night was 77º degrees! He also mentioned that at night he has a comforter on his bed.

The same northeast trade winds that help take the sting out of the sun and make the daytime temperature in the mid 80’s with low humidity, also makes the nights slightly cooler. There are 9 hours of sunshine daily and the sea temperature in February is over 80ºF. How is that for winter!

Does this look like winter?

There are several advantages to this “cold” weather in December,  January and February.

  1. I haven’t seen any mosquitos in months.
  2. It doesn’t rain as much as the rainy season.
  3. The sun is not as hot and the humidity is lower.

Truth be told, occasionally I get a little cool at night. I can never mention on social media that it is cool outside because my family may disown or cuss me! A couple of months ago I showed a graphic on my Facebook page that showed Barbados at 84ºF and Boston at 4ºF, an 80 degree difference. Friends and relatives that are dealing with real cold and snow don’t want to hear that I am little “cool”.

^ Now this is winter!


Even though it is “winter” here in Barbados, you can easily tell why this season is the most popular time to visit this island of paradise!




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  1. Winter coats in Barbados Calvin, how much do they cost? Tell then to come to Boston or NY to feel the real cold, I know they’ll never complain about the cold again. Lol.

    1. I don’t remember how much they cost, I was just shocked to see them! Some of the people that complain about the cold have lived abroad in Canada, England and the U.S. for extensive periods! Once they are back home in Barbados they try to forget those bad freezing memories.

  2. It’s true. We BAJANS consider these months the cold months. During this time the nights seem cold to us. We dont need to sleep with the fan on and sometimes we snuggle under blankets or the cover sheet.

  3. I’m still waiting on the chill to come this winter in Cayman ! Maybe that will be with the next cold front heading this way soon!!!

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