True Story

Sandra and I went to FedEx to send a document to my job. Her cousin reminded me before I left, “Calvin, you don’t have a job, you’re unemployed, retired”! I said “Oh shoot, you’re right my former job!”

Anyway, we get to FedEx and after a brief exchange of pleasantries the FedEx agent said, “Wait, you two look familiar.” It was then I noticed a copy of the Nation News on the counter. He called a coworker over, opened the paper and said “These two were in the paper this morning!” The coworker put on his glasses and started reading as we waved good-bye!

Please see the link below for the full story or navigate to my page “My Story, Family set to make Barbados home.”


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  1. I will be living vicariously through you both. Everytime you eat a piece of cane or drink a water coconut remember me. Congratulations on you retirement!

    1. Okay, cane and coconut water equals Denise, got it! I’ve been retired 102 days and I love it! Sandra has been 4 years,it’s been a great adventure!

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