Bajans Hate Bugs and Pests

Although this post started as “Bajans hate bugs”, it morphed into a list of 10 bugs and pests that are found in Barbados. These creatures are found anywhere in the  tropics and southern states in the US but are not common to a northerner like me from  Boston Massachusetts via Cleveland Ohio.

Most people in Barbados leave their windows and doors open during the day because it is so blasted hot! However, most of those same people, myself included do not have screened doors or windows. Which means, any creature winged or crawling can come inside the house.   **(see footnote)

1.  Lizards

Baby lizard that crawled up my leg.


The thing I see the most are lizards. I don’t really consider them a pest but some Bajans do.  I have issued a challenge to most people that visit my house that if you stop anywhere in my backyard and do a 360° search, you will see a lizard and probably more than one. Usually you are never more than 5 feet from one at any given time. The lizards are harmless and I find them both inside and outside of my house.

2. Monkeys

Monkey peeping in neighbors window

The one creature that still brings a little excitement whenever I see them are monkeys. Even though monkeys are cute, they can be a pest especially if you have fruit trees or a garden! In the US, I only see them in zoos but I see them a few times a week here. Last week when my daughter Ashley was visiting there was monkey at our back door peeping in the window. Fortunately it was on of the few times the door was closed or it  could have been very interesting.

3. Centipedes

The one insect that brings the most dread to Bajans are centipedes because there are quick, sneaky, and can administer a painful bite. Centipedes can hide almost anywhere. Bajans must have a 100% kill rate on any centipede that they see! They will tear a house apart searching for it or they will not go to sleep until it is found and killed. I was taking a tally of how many centipedes I saw when I first moved here and stopped at 16. I was bitten on the toe by a small centipede which scared me more than hurt.

4. Roaches

The one insect that can clear a room is a roach! Now these are not the tiny roaches that you see in the states, these are the giant winged roaches. Although they are harmless, when one flies in a crowded room everyone inside flies out!

5 Birds

Bird in the kitchen.

Why are birds on this list? Birds are everywhere but can be a strange site when they are in the house! As I mentioned before, doors and windows are usually open so we do have an occasional bird that flies in. (Just now while I was typing, a bird took a shortcut through the house. He came through the kitchen window, out the front door and on to the veranda). We have also found fruit left on the counter partially eaten by the occasional bold sparrow or black bird that comes inside!

6. Roosters

On two occasions before we had our fence fixed, we have found roosters in our back yard! Barbados is like the country towns down south in the US because you see wild chickens roaming about and you hear the roosters crowing early in the morning. If you listen closely early in the morning you can hear them echoing throughout the island.

7. Termites

If you have wood anywhere on your property you will find termites! My contractor hates termites and is always on the lookout for them. I have seen first hand the destruction these pest can cause.

8. Snails

I have killed hundreds of African snails in my backyard and on our daily walks. Surprisingly I don’t believe Bajans eat snails whereas in some parts of the world they are a delicacy.

9. Frogs


You don’t see frogs very often but you will hear them the loudest when you get a little rain. In fact, you can hear the frogs every night but after a while, you tune the noise out. However, whenever someone visits or hears the frogs over a phone or over the internet they often remark about how loud the frogs and insects are. This particular frog pictured above was upset that I bothered him, he took 2 giant leaps towards me before I sprayed him with the garden hose then he jumped in a different direction!

10. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are around mostly during the rainy season! Some people use the mosquito netting over their bed to be free of the pest. I suggest that when you visit you bring insect repellent. I use REPEL, it’s deet free and is plant based. (This is not a commercial).

The one creature you did not see on my list are snakes!  I have seen several mongoose but as far as I  know, there are no snakes in Barbados. For me this is a good thing because I don’t like spiders and snakes! Hey that would make a catchy title for a hit song!

* * You don’t like bugs? No worries, you can have a virtually bug and creature free stay in Barbados! Hotels and most home rentals have screened doors and windows. Also, keep in mind, my house is situated on a former sugarcane plantation so I get a little bit of everything!


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  1. Interestingly enough, we also called frogs “crapeau” which is the French word for toad. There were also some unusual birds whose names I don’t remember.

  2. Enjoy the blog today!I though while you were in Boston you will stop writing the blog. I was happy with I open my computer this morning and saw it, I was jumping for joy! Thank you Calvin. Welcome back to the Good old USA. How is the weather treating you?

  3. Great blog Calvin reminds me so much of growing up in Jamaica. There were those creepy crawlies (still don’t know the correct name for them) that were always in the house. You would know when u stepped on one because of the loud crunching sound that was made when they got crushed….still makes my skin crawl just thinking about them?

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